Apps by john


Pocket Pitch - Free on the App store

Currently the #1 “pitch pipe” app on the App Store for iOS devices. Combines a pitch pipe and a piano for singers and musicians who need a quick note played on their phone.

4.6 out of 5 stars based on 242 ratings and reviews.

“I absolutely love it! Especially because I don’t have to worry about somebody getting it full of spit.” - Jimmy 5 String 01/03/2019

“I am currently learning 16 songs and this is used with them all! I’m in 3 choirs and everyone have this downloaded!” - Star Wars Nerd 43 11/08/2018

“I never write a review about an app, but I really love this app.” - Joiniet 07/07/2017


Pocket Guitar Chords - Free on the App Store

Currently the #3 “guitar chords” app on the App Store for iOS devices. A simple collection of the most common guitar chords for easy reference.

4.7 out of 5 stars based on 175 ratings and reviews.

“Very simple but very useful chord reference” - LensLord 3/16/2019

“Now that I am getting back to playing on a regular basis this app has been been great! Sure I have a chord finder book but with this app there’s no flipping pages. I feel that for an older player like myself or someone starting out this app is perfect! Thanks!” - Traditional Dad 1/27/2019